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Boy dies after town throws him early Christmas

They knew he was running out of time, so the town brought Christmas to a special little boy.
Evan Leversage dies of cancer at 7 years old

Just one month after the town of St George, Ontario, lit up in an early Christmas for Evan Leversage the little boy has passed away after a five-year battle with cancer.

Little Evan had been sleeping for a few days and was getting weaker and his parents knew that his time was near. They sat with their little boy knowing that they had made his final months special and he had celebrated the best of the season.

“I was holding him as he took one last deep breath, and I knew at that very moment that this would be his last,” Nicole Wellwood, Evan’s mum, posted on Facebook.

When they learned Evan wasn’t going to make it to Christmas the entire town celebrated Christmas early so Evan could feel the joy of Christmas one final time before he died.

Local businesses put up lights and a parade was organised and attended by over 7500 people. A highlight for Evan was riding on Santa’s float and waving to all of the people.

“As a family we thank you. Evan got to witness a miracle,” Nicole wrote. “He witnessed a beautiful world… filled with love and compassion. He celebrated a Christmas like no other. He was able to complete his ‘bucket list’ and more.”

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