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Barnaby Joyce takes aim at Johnny Depp: “He may have perjured himself”

Pistol and Boo are in the spotlight once again...

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has spoken out against his arch-enemy Johnny Depp, explaining that the actor and his former wife may have to front authorities in Australia once again.
According to the politician, Depp, 54, who is currently in a nasty legal battle with his former business managers, The Management Group (TGM), may have “perjured himself.”
New legal documents claim Depp was “fully aware that he was illegally bringing his dogs to Australia” and he “falsely claimed to authorities and in public press interviews that the incident was a big misunderstanding because he supposedly believed his staff had obtained the necessary paperwork.”
TGM also claim he “pressured one of his long-term employees to ‘take the fall’”.
Of course, Mr Joyce has voiced his concern over the latest update.
“Obviously Mr Depp is back in the news for a number of things but the only thing that’s concerning me is that if the allegations that have been made against him are correct, and I’m not saying if they are or aren’t, then that would be perjury,” he told News Corp Australia in London.
The actor has not commented on these latest allegations.
And the saga continues…
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have since divorced, with claims he was physically abusive during their union.
Depp and his then-wife, Amber Heard, failed to declare their pups, Pistol and Boo, when arriving in Australia to film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales back in 2015.
The dogs were taken to a Gold Coast groomer and she uploaded a photo of them, unwittingly setting off authorities who were quick to raise questions about the canine’s unlawful presence in the country.
Barnaby Joyce led the charge against the celebrities, giving Depp "50 hours" to take the dogs back to California. Otherwise, "we're going to have to euthanise them."
Depp pictured with one of the pups, a teacup Yorkshire Terrier.
Depp and Heard were given "50 hours" to take the dogs back to California or the dogs would have been euthanised.
Depp called Joyce “somehow inbred with a tomato” in retaliation to his threat of killing the pups.
Amber Heard ended up pleading guilty to one count of falsifying border protection documents as she didn’t declare the dogs.
It resulted in the most awkward ‘apology video’ of all time, Depp and Heard apologising profusely for their mistake in breaching Australian quarantine laws.
WATCH: Depp and Heard apologise over the great dog-smuggling fiasco.

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