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Bali masseuse charged with sexually assaulting Aussie boy

A grandmother, and a mother with her 12-year-old son thought a massage was the perfect way to relax on their Balinese holiday.
While the ladies enjoyed their massages the boy was in the room next door fighting off a sexual predator reports Kidspot.
The trio were all ushered into separate rooms on arrival at Damen massage parlour in Kuta, and the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons was attended to by a 47-year-old masseur Abdurahman.
As the massage progressed it is alleged that Abdurahman told the to boy remove all of his clothes to ensure they did not get stained with oil.
Kutan police Chief Wayan Sumara alleges the man then became aroused upon seeing the boy’s genitals before he rolled again onto his front.
It is then that the masseuse removed his own trousers and attempted to assault the little boy.
“The victim suspected something was off, so he turned his head and saw the perpetrator’s penis,” Mr Wayan said.
“The boy ran and found his mother.”
“The boy was in shock after the incident, the parents can’t accept what happened to their son.”
The man was charged with a number of offences and admitted that this was not the first time he had had “homosexual relations” with clients of the spa. He also said that they were always consenting.
Police have since warned spa owners to spa owners to be on the lookout for paedophiles and sexual predators.

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