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Baby boy bleeds to death after circumcision

“We hope that this never happens to another baby.”

By Caroline Overington
A three-week-old baby boy bled to death after a circumcision went horribly wrong.
The National Post in Canada says the boy lost almost a third of the blood in his body in the hours after he was circumcised.
Two doctors have since been cautioned.
The boy, Ryan Heydari, was 22 days old when he underwent the once-common procedure.
"The paediatrician who conducted the circumcision said it was “uneventful” and Ryan was not bleeding," the report says.
"But the boy’s parents, Homa Ahmadi and John Heydari, said they knew something was wrong when their normally “unfussy” baby cried uncontrollably following the cut."
“(He) was crying so much, so hard, and he wouldn’t stop,” Ms Ahmadi said.
“He was bleeding, and it only got worse over the next few hours ... It was so obvious from the blood his tiny body had lost that he was in danger.”
The couple called the paediatrician who advised them to take Ryan to Toronto’s North York General Hospital for treatment. He died a week later from “hypovolaemic shock” caused by bleeding.
“The loss of Ryan, our only child, has made us realise that we can’t possess anything, even our hopes and dreams,” Ms Ahmadi said.
“We hope that this never happens to any other baby.”

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