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Avocado crisis: Avocados to cost $8

What? But what about our avocado and Vegemite on toast???

Over recent years avocados have risen in popularity, but demand for the fruit has now jacked the prices up reports news.com.
International Avocado Society president, Antony Allen, said farmers put all of their stock into supermarkets pre-Christmas to help them with the usually slow January period... but this January demand has not slowed.
Western Australia Avocado Growers Association chairman Wayne Franceschi disagrees that it has to due with farmers using too much stock in the Christams lead up but blames terrible weather conditions earlier this month.
“Cooler conditions are superb but there have been bushfires, which shut down roads and made things a little more difficult,” he said.
“Then when the weather is really hot, you risk sunburning, which is another detriment.
“If you have a 45 degree day then you are in a lot of trouble, growers tend to pick fruits on the outside of the tree before the sun gets to it.
“You don’t want to hang onto your crops in January, you’d sooner put your money on a roulette table.”
Popularity means that many shoppers normally purchase more than one avocado at a time, however during this period some supermarkets are allegedly putting a cap on how many you can buy at once. With prices ranging from $5-$8, the delicious superfood is bound to unaffordable for many households for a time.
Avocados Australia chief executive John Tyas said extra trees had been planted to keep up with the demand in the future.

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