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Rainbow styling! All the best photos as Australia rejoices the same-sex marriage vote

Australia is awake and it is time to party!

By Chloe Lal
Today, Wednesday November 15th 2017, the majority of Australians voted yes to love, yes to equality and yes to same-sex marriage.
It took a long time to get here, but finally we as a nation can hold our head up in pride... And shout:
Love is love!
The entire nation is buzzing over the results!
Aussies all across the country have their rainbow flags flying high in the sky as they mark this landmark moment.

Here are the the very best photos of Australia celebrating the historical same-sex marriage results!

We are ecstatic that the country's voice is finally being heard.
Bill Shorten: "You shouldn't have had to put up with this survey... to the LGBTIQ community: You are 100% loved, 100% valued."
Crowds gathered at the State Library of Victoria.
Raise your flags!
This little girl will grow up in a country that believes in love and equality.
Australians shared their thoughts in the postal survey and here's what the results have to say:
Over 79.5 per cent of eligible voters returned their non-compulsory, non-binding ballot papers.
And every single state and territory recorded a yes.
To give you an understanding of how remarkable this is - only 58 per cent of Americans bothered to vote for this term’s president.
Kids, it's time to cue John Paul Young's Love is in the Air and dance!

The United Colours of Love

The moment Australia found out it was a YES

Instagram user Ellen McMahon summed it up perfectly.
She wrote, "Never have I ever been more overwhelmed with pride and elation and sheer relief."
"Thank you, thank you Australia. You have done the right thing."
"To Canberra: people have been through enough. Time to get this thing done! My thoughts and love and gratitude and congratulations are with everyone today."
"Let’s savour this beautiful triumph of love over fear."

Lucy Marks captured couple Lisa Menchetti and May Dunlop's reaction to the landmark result.
Lisa and May held onto their kids as they wept with May saying, "It makes me incredibly happy because it means our kids can have a good safe, equal future".
Credit: Lucy Marks
A resounding yes!

What does PM Malcolm Turnbull have to say?

Shortly after the result, he addressed the country and made a vow to actually re-write the marriage act.
"Now it is up to us, here in the Parliament of Australia to get on with it, to get on with the job the Australian people have tasked us to do, and get this done," the Prime Minister said.
Before he promised, "This year. Before Christmas."

Penny Wong's incredible reaction will move you to tears

"To all Australians thank you for standing up for fairness and equality. To my colleagues and all those who fought for this great outcome, thank you," Penny, who has become an inspirational voice throughout the yes campaign, said.

Queen Magda Szubanski's victory dance will warm your soul

Magda has been the voice for so many Aussies.
Today is a huge win for humankind!
If you're anything like this writer, today has brought you to tears.
The real gut-wrenching, ugly-cry face that is saved for those moments that will forever be etched onto your heart.
Today's result of Yes is thanks to millions but there is one woman who championed this righteous battle for love: Magda Szubanski.
At the helm of this quest for equality Magda, a devoted LGBTQI advocate, was always there.
And today the adored actress is dancing... Dancing into our heart, dancing into victory.
Bow down!

The remarkable godmother to David Campbell's daughter Betty made a speech following the announcement.
"Of course I’m the crybaby of the campaign," she remarked.
"I was just crying the whole time. Very emotional, my glasses are filthy."
Embodying love, she urged this vote not divide anyone, "This is for all of us. No matter how we want to live our life, we must live as equal people in this country."

Shoot your glitter cannons