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Salim Mehajer protests innocence over another traffic offence

“Go and target real criminals”

It seems like it’s one thing after another with controversial Sydney councillor, Salim Mehajer.
Auburn’s flashy deputy mayor, who rose to public recognition after his traffic stopping wedding became front news in August, has yet again made headlines.
This time around, it was because he was allegedly caught driving an unregistered car without a licence – twice on the one night.
A NSW police spokeswomen confirmed a 29-year-old man had been charged while driving on Canterbury Road in Punchbowl, NSW, 9News reports.
The spokeswoman said the man was first stopped around 10.50pm and told to cease driving, however he was allegedly stopped again by police less than 30 minutes later, at 11.15pm, on the same road.
However, not happy with the situation, Mr Mehajer took to his Facebook page last night to address the allegations.
“Now, they are targeting my ‘Ferrari’? I kindly ask the Police to PLEASE go out there and target Real criminals and leave me alone,” he wrote.
“I was stationary alongside another vehicle on a set of red lights; and The other vehicle right beside me “runs the red light” and almost runs down a residential home… But instead they ignore that and stop me."
He is due to face court on November 18 after being issued with a field court attendance notice.

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