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Anti-vaxxers are starting vaccination-free daycares

The child-care options are in response to No Jab, No Play.

By Kate Wagner
Anti-vaccination activists have done it – they've hit peak anti-vaxxer.
A Northern beaches mum has decided the best place for unvaccinated children to be is surrounded by fellow unvaccinated kids in her backyard.
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This goes directly against the popular, albeit misinterpreted, anti-vaxxer belief that herd immunity will keep their kids protected against fatal diseases.
Heidi Street used secret Facebook group, Vaccine Free Australia, to promote a vaccine-free childcare to its 5000 members.
"I have a strong passion for children's health and wellbeing and have a nurturing soul," wrote the mum.
Ms Street's proposition was supported by those on the page, who suggested starting similar institutions in Ipswich, Cronulla, Adelaide and Sydney's western suburbs.
The concept of these backyard child-care options is in response to the Prime Minister's plan to implement a national "no jab, no play" policy that would make vaccinations mandatory for children enrolled at child care centres.
"Many families are concerned about vaccinating. Yes it's in response to No Jab No Play," Ms Street told the Herald Sun.
Hopefully, the people who are considering these daycares realise putting a whole bunch of children susceptible to diseases like mumps, measles and whooping cough together is probably in the top 10 worst ideas ever...