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Anthony Mundine to boycott “racist” national anthem

“It’s a racist anthem and doesn’t represent our people.”

By Ellie McDonald
Ahead of his Friday night boxing rematch against long-time rival Danny Green, Anthony Mundine has opened up on an issue close to his heart that doesn’t involve a pair of boxing gloves.
Speaking to the Daily Telegraph less than a week before he gets back in the ring, the 41-year-old confesses that he has “no choice but to take a seat” as Jessica Mauboy sings the Australian national anthem before his fight.
“It’s a racist anthem and doesn’t represent our people,” says Mundine. “It’s disrespectful to our people.”
“And this is close to my heart. I like Jessica but it’s not for our people. They are just using her because she is black.”
Mauboy is expected to sing the anthem in front of 30,000 spectators at Adelaide Oval who have bought tickets to watch the big fight, with it also being aired on Foxtel’s Main Event.
This isn’t the first time Mundine has voiced his opinion on rejecting the national anthem. Back in 2013, he again told the Daily Telegraph that he wanted to “educate and unite Australians” by boycotting the national anthem peformed before his OBF world title match against Daniel Geale.
He also called on Australian NRL and AFL players playing in their respective grand finals in 2016 to stand down from singing the national anthem ahead of their premiership clashes.
“We’re not young and free,” the NRL-star-turned-world-champion boxer attests.
“My people are still being oppressed. Nothing’s changed ... the anthem isn’t right. It’s not for all of Australia. I just can’t stand up for something I don’t believe in.”
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