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Ali Elamine responds to ex Sally Faulkner’s Australian Story

Ali Elamine has said the story about his and ex-wife Sally Faulkner kids' botched child recovery "is over" and should be put to rest for the sake of their wellbeing.

Ali Elamine, the Lebanese-American father whose children were the targets of a 60 Minutes kidnapping plot with his ex-wife Sally Faulkner, has said the story about his kids should be put to rest for the sake of their wellbeing.
Mr Elamine was contacted by Fairfax media following Faulkner’s Australian Story which aired on Monday and said he would not be drawn into commenting on the particular comments from the Brisbane mother, even claims she made about the surf-instructor wanting to abort the pair’s first child.
Mr Elamine reportedly told the media outlet he did not want to engage in a "back and forth" with his ex-wife.
"I [would] rather not comment about what Sally has to say," Mr Elamine told The Sydney Morning Herald.
"I believe the story is over and what is most important now is the wellbeing of the kids.”
He added that Ms Faulkner has the media on her side, but he claimed through the whole ordeal he has not been concerned about this, only doing what is best for his kids.
"From day one she was going on her own and the media took her side while I was concerned about the kids' state of mind, and how they should recover from the trauma they went through during the kidnapping,” Mr Elamine said.
"The kids are doing well now in relation to what they went through and everything else does not matter. "
Ms Faulkner lost custody of her Australian-born children, Noah and Lahela after a botched child recovery attempt in Beirut saw her, journalist Tara Brown and other members of the 60 minutes crew and those who were hired to pull off the plan arrested.
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