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Fears taps from Aldi could be poisoning Australians

The cheap taps are found in 12,000 homes across the country.

By Kate Wagner
Taps bought from supermarket chain Aldi are feared to be poisoning Australians after tests revealed they contaminated water with up to 15 times the maximum allowable levels of lead.
A Fairfax exclusive found that authorities are warning people not to use the Easy Home spiral spring mixers for cooking or drinking.
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has cautioned against using the $79.99 tap that can be found in 12,000 Australian homes as they undertake their own investigation.
“If there is a risk that consumer goods may cause injury the ACCC expects suppliers and manufacturers to put voluntary recalls in place to protect consumers,” a spokesman told Fairfax.
Queensland is home to over 3000 of the suspected taps, with another 9000 were sold throughout Australia.
The Queensland Building and Construction Commission identified the threat and commissioned the testing of the taps which could see Aldi in big trouble.
"There is a cause for concern," said Brett Bassett, who heads the commission.
An Aldi spokesperson said they were unable to answer any questions regarding the matter.

What is lead poisoning?

Lead is a highly toxic metal and lead poisoning is a serious and sometimes fatal condition which occurs when it builds up in the body.
Lead poisoning is a long game, usually occurring over months or years and happens after repeated exposures to small quantities.
It can cause extreme mental and physical impairments, especially amongst young children.
Due to their still developing brains and nervous systems, lead is more harmful to children so look out for symptoms, including:
• headaches
• irritability
• loss of developmental skills in children
• loss of appetite
• kidney dysfunction
• abdominal pain
Although lead poisoning can be treated, damage cannot be reversed.