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A sister’s love: Thomas and Stuart Kelly’s sister pays tribute to her late brothers

The sister of Thomas and Stuart Kelly has written a sombre tribute to her brothers whose deaths have devastated her family.

The sister of Thomas and Stuart Kelly has written a sombre tribute to her brothers whose death's have devastated her family.
Madeleine Kelly posted a nostalgic childhood photograph of her bothers and herself on Facebook with a few grief-stricken words.
Ms Kelly wrote: “My beautiful brothers. I’ll cherish our memories forever”.
Thomas Kelly was killed by a random and cowardly one-punch attack in Kings Cross in 2012. Stuart Kelly took his own life this week – the catalyst for his heartbreaking act was reportedly the bullying he received for his family’s efforts to campaign for tougher laws against drunken violence in NSW.
Stuart Kelly.
One-punch victim Thomas Kelly.
In a move of solidarity John Christie, the brother of one punch victim Daniel Christie, posted to Facebook about Stuart’s passing. Mr Christie said the 18-year-old’s death was another tragedy the Kelly family didn’t deserve go through.
“For those of you who are quick to ‘spray’ vitriol about how these lockout laws are diminishing your nights out, please stop and be mindful about the effects your comment(s) can be making,” John Christie posted.
“RIP Stuart Kelly. I know how it feels to be caught in the same strange position. To be a proverbial ‘buoy’, awash in a sea of motives and agendas.”
One-punch victim Daniel Christie.
Yesterday Ralph Kelly, who this week joins his wife in burying their second teenage son in just four years, expressed his grief about his loss.
“The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained,” he posted on Facebook.

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