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81-year-old swears spectacularly during heated Q&A debate on euthanasia

Patricia Fellows called bullsh-t. Literally.

By Lorna Gray
Patricia Fellows got into a heated debate with Professor of bioethics at the University of Notre Dame, Margaret Somerville, following her husband’s admission he’d rather have some form of euthanasia instead of going into an aged-care facility.
Appearing on Q&A, 90-year-old Ron Fellows said if there was a time they could no longer care for themselves and each other, they wouldn’t want to go on.
However Margaret Somerville was opposed to the idea, stating:
“Your death … affects your family, it affects your community, and ultimately what we’re doing as a society is changing the law to allow this type of, putting it bluntly, killing, then it is a seismic shift in our values as a society.”
Patricia Fellows delighted the audience by using a profanity.
Patricia Fellows retorted:
“It is not about killing anyone. We will be doing it ourselves. I’m not asking Ron to kill me. I will do it myself and Ron will do it himself. I don’t know what you’re on about, darling, about killing. That is definitely the wrong word to be using. It's up to me and it's got nothing to do with the community darling, it's to do with our family.”
Somerville interjected and said: “How you die does have to do with the community.”
"Bullsh-t," Fellows replied (watch below).
The audience loved the profanity, erupting into applause and laughter.

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