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10-year-old girl dies after being misdiagnosed by five doctors

She was unwell for nearly a week and no one picked it up.

A 10-year-old girl has sadly died after being severely unwell for nearly a week and being misdiagnosed by five medical practitioners.
Briony Caitlin Klingberg passed away in January 2015 after suffering multiple organ failure due to overwhelming herpes simplex infection, 6Minutes reports.
An inquest into her death has begun, with the court hearing that on the 11th of January, Briony had a high fever and ulcerated throat which prevented her from sleeping, drinking or eating.
Her mother, Bridget Klingberg, took her to her local GP and then to Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital emergency department where she was sent home.
When her condition did not improve, her mother took her to Mt Barker Hospital in South Australia where she was prescribed medication and sent home.
The following day, her parents contacted their family GP where she was given antibiotics and ordered a blood test.
“He thought it was major infection – and queried glandular fever,” her mother said.
The following day, the GP called her to say the results were “odd and didn’t seem to make sense” and Briony was taken to Women’s and Children’s Hospital.
Sadly, Briony suffered a seizure in the hospital car park and was admitted to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit where she was treated for multiple organ failure.
Her life support was turned off on January 18.
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