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Your mind will be blown by what’s inside a KitKat

Aaaaand now we want to have a break. And a KitKat.

We can’t say we’ve given much thought to the delicious filling of KitKats other than, “mmm, this is delicious”.

But our minds have well and truly been blown by what’s inside our favourite chocolatey wafer treat.

If you snap inside a KitKat, you’ll see the wafers are moulded together with what Nestle calls a “smooth and creamy chocolayer”. But what the heck is a “chocolayer” we hear you ask?

It’s smashed-up KitKats.

Yes, that’s right. Smashed-up KitKats are inside KitKats.

Basically, not all KitKats are up to scratch. According to the BBC’s ‘Inside the Factory’ show, KitKats that are imperfect (too many exterior air bubbles or off-centre wafers), are smashed up to form a paste that’s found between the wafers.

So that’s how they make them so delicious!

But now we’re a little stumped with a chicken vs the egg scenario… What was in the very first KitKat if it didn’t contain smashed-up KitKats?

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