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Tony Abbott slams activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied

The former PM says she must’ve been “blindfolded” during her speaking tour through Sudan, the UAE and Saudi Arabia if she thinks Islam is “the most feminist religion”.

By Lorna Gray

On Monday night, we were reaching for our earplugs as Senator Jacqui Lambie and Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied had a screaming match, live on Q&A.

They had completely conflicting views about migration and specifically the idea of deporting Muslims who support Sharia Law – Lambie thinks anyone who supports Sharia Law should be deported.

It then turned into a shouting match over what Sharia Law was, culminating in Abdel-Magied screaming “That’s not my religion!” when Lambie suggested Islam meant women are treated like second class citizens and “gays are killed”.

The Muslim activist then said that Islam was “the most feminist religion”.

With mounting pressure growing against Lambie, who didn’t appear to know the definition of ‘Islam’, to apologise, former PM Tony Abbott has now backed her up by attacking Yassmin Abdel-Magied, suggesting she must’ve been “blindfolded” during her speaking tour of the Middle East and Africa.

“If she’s right that ‘Islam is a feminist religion’, how come such terrible things are done to women in its name?” Abbott said.

Abbott said Abdel-¬Magied was “entitled to her view” but “she must have been wearing a blindfold on her taxpayer-¬funded tour”.

He is referring to the fact that the federal government paid for her to tour some of the world’s most repressive Islamic regimes, as reported by The Australian.

The debate continues.

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