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Sydney family threatened with rat poison and shocking note

The incident occurred in the affluent region of Sydney’s north shore.

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Sydney family threatened, rat poison, letter

A threatening note has been discovered on the doorstep of a Sydney family’s apartment.

The handwritten note, which was used to conceal a lump of rat poison, simply read: “Keep ya dog quite (sic).”

Residents of the pet-friendly apartment block, located in Sydney’s north shore region, have been informed of the threat and have been asked to remain vigilant by the unit block’s body corporate, according to

The publication adds that police have been notified of the matter and have deemed the threat as a “very serious crime.”

“Considering there are a dozen people and so many dogs sharing a tiny backyard it is actually remarkably quiet here — you never hear barking at night or in the early morning when it could be disruptive,” one resident said to

“We all love animals and accommodate each other as much as possible. We’re respectful of the fact that babies need naps and dogs barking would wake them — that’s why this was all out of the blue,” the neighbour, who has asked not to be identified for safety reasons, added.

“The real issue is that a toddler would pick the cube of rat poison up in a heartbeat and eat it.”

“The fact of the matter is that there is a person living in hearing distance of my family who thinks it’s OK to feed rat poison to animals because they make noise.”

“Where do this person’s morals start? What else does do they think is OK? Murder?”

“Life is dangerous enough for a toddler without having the risk of picking up a piece of rat poison in their own back yard.”

Speaking with a police spokesperson explained that the note has been obtained for forensic analysis and that inquiries would continue.

On the broader issue of animal baiting, the spokesperson added that this area remains one for councils to control.

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