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Mum defends chicken pox parties

Brisbane mum invited people to home to be infected at her "chicken pox party."

child with chicken pox

Brisbane mum of two, Hollie Singleton, is offering to hold a different kind of party this festive season.

Instead of offering eggnog and candy canes, she's handing out chicken pox.

Hollie is offering to hold a "chicken pox party" for anti-vaccination enthusiasts after her son was diagnosed with the highly contagious disease, and despite criticism from medical professionals she is refusing to back down reports DailyMail.

"If anyone wants to clear this bug now and get it over with please come to Brisbane and visit us. We are here to infect only those who want it!" she wrote on Facebook.

In an interview with Seven News, Ms Singleton has said she stands by her decision.

"I don’t feel like I need to back down on anything - I really feel like they need to start thinking about how people are educated,’ she said.

"I’m not telling people to not get a vaccination – I’m telling them it’s your choice."

The party has been cancelled as no one really wants kids with chicken pox for Christmas but Hollie is still offering her special gift on Facebook to those who want it.

"I am happy to facilitate a space where people feel safe and protected – in some cases yes, it could be people who I’ve only met online rather than face to face," she said.

Although majority of children may get away with just a week of misery due to the itchy, red blisters, in some cases it can be fatal, or lead to painful shingles later in life. If the disease is passed on to a pregnant woman it can have dire consequences for her unborn baby.

"This is an absolute disgrace, this is terrible," child health expert, Dr Sam Hay, told Today Show.

"What you are doing is exposing those children to potential complications, you're exposing them to - when they're adults - shingles and chronic pain down the track.

"Don't send your kids (to these parties).You wouldn't put your kids in a car and not put a seat belt on them.

"Why are these parents exposing their kids to this much risk?"

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