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Auckland mum fears freezer-raiding burglar has eaten her son’s placenta

“Please return the item in the blue tupperware container as it’s my son’s placenta.”

By Candice Mehta-Culjak

A New Zealand mother fears a freezer-raiding thief has accidentally eaten her son's placenta, after ransacking her home.

Loralie Burns, who had recently moved within the Auckland suburb of Sunnyvale, received a phone call from her former landlord advising her of the theft on Saturday.

The 35-year-old’s washing machine and fridge-freezer, which had not yet been relocated to her new property, were emptied out during the break-in.

Some meat that was due to be throw out was lifted as well as a blue container holding the precious organ.

“My mind’s still blown,” Burns told Stuff.

“In the freezer there was some meat that was supposed to go in the rubbish, and a plastic container that has my placenta in it.”

"I hope to God I get it back, and I hope no one eats it - that would torment me for a long time," she told the publication.

Burns had kept the placenta from her five-month-old son, Dante, for sentimental value. She was hoping to bury the organ “somewhere really special.”

She has since taken to Facebook in the hopes of having the invaluable memento returned to the family.

“Please to whoever went through my old house … and felt the need to take the meat from the freezer. PLEASE return the item in the blue Tupperware container as it is my son’s placenta,” she wrote.

“I don’t care how it comes back, I don’t need to know who, just please get it back to me asap!!”

She added: “If you know someone who brought home a few roasts last night please check your freezers.”

Burns explained that she couldn't recall whether her midwife had labelled the container.

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