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Jackie O accused of child endangerment by "unmotherly" Pru Goward

Jackie O remembers when Tziporah Malkah’s mother attacked her parenting abilities

By Kate Wagner
Jackie O accused of child endangerment by "unmotherly" Pru Goward

She may have been referred to as “unmotherly” by her own daughter, Tziporah Malkah, but Pru Goward once attacked Jackie O for her parenting abilities.

Today on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, Jackie O Henderson revealed that when Kitty, now 5, was just four months old, NSW Families Minister Pru accused her of endangering her child.

Jackie was feeding her daughter when crossing the street, which prompted the 64-year-old politician to liken her to the late Michael Jackson.

“We all were horrified when Michael Jackson dangled his baby out the window and this woman is crossing the road not just holding a baby but feeding a baby and I think it was unnecessarily cavalier,” Pru told The Sunday Telegraph in 2011.

“There would be no mother, no parent probably, or even a hardened feminist, in the country who would think that was a good way of feeding a baby, particularly a little tiny baby.”

Jackie O admitted it wasn’t the most ideal place to feed her baby on the show.

“Of course 95 per cent of the time I'm seated . . The last thing I would ever want to do is jeopardise her welfare,” she said.

“She's my No. 1. This wasn't a busy road. There was hardly anything around. It was a pedestrian crossing on a leafy street.”

Despite its admittedly imperfect setting, comparing feeding a baby while walking to a man dangling his newborn from a balcony is a tad insane.

The comments came at a time when the radio star was receiving backlashfor returning to work “too soon” after the birth of her baby.

Jackie said she was "in tears" over the attacks which made her feel like a "second-rate mum".

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