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Grant Hackett has been found “safe and sober”

Follows reports from his father that the three-time Olympic gold medallist was "definitely a missing person."

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Grant Hackett

After being declared a missing person on Thursday, embattled swimmer Grant Hackett made contact with police to confirm that he was “safe and sober.”

The Olympian is yet to disclose his location, however the Herald Sun report that he has been “holed up” in a Gold Coast hotel since being arrested and released without charge on Wednesday.

Grant’s father Neville Hackett has confirmed that his son was found by police “alive and sober,” according to the Courier Mail.

“He was located by police as a result of the media blitz,” Neville said.

“He is alive and sober and very, very embarrassed.”

“He’s not talking to anybody. I have the police with me now and we’re learning more about what happened.”

The publication adds that Grant texted his mother Margaret to inform her that he was ‘okay,’ but does not wish to have any contact with his family.

Grant was arrested and taken into custody on the Gold Coast after flying into an uncontrollable rage at the Hackett family's Mermaid Waters property, forcing his father to call the police.

Several reports state witnesses saw the three-time Olympic gold medallist “going off” as he repeatedly stabbed a chopping board with a knife.

It has also been reported that Grant had been drinking heavily.

After the 36-year-old’s arrest and subsequent release, Grant’s brother Craig spoke with 9News on behalf of the Hackett family. He said, “It's becoming to the point now where he is dangerous.”

“At times, he is dangerous. He's a danger to himself, he's a danger to the community, and poor Mum and Dad have tried to look after him so much. I'm concerned for their welfare."

WATCH: Grant Hackett's brother has spoken out about the troubled swimmer. Post continues after video...

“I don't know this person, my mum and dad don't know this person. He is there in body but he is not there in mind, soul, or spirit.”

"To see someone who was so dominant and had the world at his feet to now, we don't know what is going to happen - it doesn't look encouraging."

Grant retaliated by posting a bloodied image of himself to Instagram, captioning the confronting shot, “My brother comments to the media... but does anyone know he beat the sh*t out of me. Everyone knows he is an angry man.”

It is not clear when the photograph was taken.

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