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British backpacker who was “held hostage and raped” breaks her silence

The woman has taken to social media to reference a popular inspirational quote.

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
British backpacker, raped, held hostage

A 22-year-old British backpacker was rescued after allegedly being raped, bashed and choked over a two-month hostage ordeal in rural Queensland.

The woman, who hails from Liverpool in the northwest of England, has since taken to social media to share a message with her followers -- eight days after she was discovered by police on an outback highway near Mitchell, approximately 600 km west of Brisbane.

“I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me,” the emotional post read.

The young woman’s terrifying ordeal found its end when a service station attendant alerted police to a fuel station drive-off on Sunday, March 5.

Police subsequently pulled the 4WD over, a Mitsubishi Pajero, on the Warrego Highway to find the backpacker in a state of distress with serious facial injuries.

"It appears she was terrified and not able to hide that," police said.

Upon searching the car, officers discovered her alleged attacker, also 22, hiding in a storage alcove in the back of the four-wheel-drive.

The man, from the Cairns suburb of Manunda, faced Roma Magistrates Court last Monday, charged with more than 20 offences -- including, four counts of rape, eight counts of assault occasioning bodily harm, four counts of strangulation, two counts of wilful damage, two of deprivation of liberty as well as drug possession charges.

The man has been remanded in custody and will reappear in court on May 23.

WATCH: The backpacker was raped and beaten over a two-month hostage ordeal in Qld. Post continues...

It’s alleged the man came into contact with the backpacker three months ago in Cairns on January 27 and became involved in a brief relationship with the woman when she voluntarily agreed to partake in the road trip.

However, police allege the relationship soon soured, with him allegedly raping, bashing and threatening her in various locations across Queensland.

It is also alleged he forced the woman to drive him down the Queensland coast and towards Charleville in outback Queensland.

The woman was released from hospital last Wednesday and hopes to return to friends and relatives in England, once the British Consulate has arranged for a new passport.

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