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Australian father and son die in freak tragedy in Thailand

The 10-year-old was devastatingly trying to help his dad when he too was electrocuted.

By Kate Wagner
Australian father and son die in freak tragedy in Thailand

An Australia father and son have died in a freak tragedy in Thailand.

Andrew Fenwick – who lived in Rayong, Thailand – was fixing the pump next to the pool at their family home with a metal wrench when he was electrocuted by a suspected water leak.

Devastatingly, his 10-year-old son Jason Krailop Fenwick ran to help his dad but was killed when he stepped in a puddle which caused the current to surge through him.

Fenwick’s second son Justin, 4, ran for help, crying in the street on Monday afternoon, while his Thai wife Somrudi Krailob Fenwick was alerted by neighbours and broke down next to the pool when she returned home.
Mrs Fenwick, 41, told police she was away from the home when the tragedy unfolded.

“This is terrible. I’m heartbroken. My husband and son gone at the same time,” she said at the scene.

“Andrew was so confident with tools, he was an engineer. I don’t know how this has happened. I cannot understand it. Life is so cruel to take them both.”

Mr Fenwick was a Melbourne-educated engineer who had lived in the UK before retiring in Thailand.

Thai police confirmed the deaths.

“There were two deaths caused by electric shock,” Police Captain Kaweewuth Boonruang, deputy investigation inspector at Rayong Muang police station said.

“According to the investigation, the two dead were father and son of Australian citizenship.

“The father was repairing the pump of the pool in the pump house next to the pool.

“The son saw the incident and ran to help not knowing there was a leak and he was electrocuted. He had burns from the fire on his hands, his body and his face.”