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The entire timeline of British PM Boris Johnson's very, er, BUSY romantic history

Remember that time he had two affairs at once, while he was STILL MARRIED?!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Britain's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson is as famous for his colourful personal life as he is for his impressive political career, having acquired a not entirely unjustified reputation for philandering and womanising.
And now Johnson (or BoJo, as he is affectionately nicknamed in the UK) has sent tongues wagging around the world as he begins to move into 10 Downing Street with his new girlfriend, while technically still married to his second wife of 25 years.
Yup, this is the world we live in people!
So who is Boris' stunning new girlfriend and what happened with him and his very accomplished wife?
We've got all the juicy details - here's everything you need to know.

Meet the woman who described Boris as an excellent "ex-husband"

Boris and Allegra coupled up at Oxford University. (Image: Supplied)
Years before he got into politics, Johnson was a journalist married to the glamorous art world doyenne, Allegra Mostyn-Owen.
The pair got together at Oxford University and were married in 1987, a day Allegra reportedly later described as "the end of their relationship, rather than the beginning."
The beautiful daughter of art historian and millionaire William Mostyn-Owen has been described as a "Botticelli angel" and was even featured on the cover of Tatler magazine in the late 1980's.
It's well known that during the final days of Johnson and Allegra's relationship, he had begun an affair with his childhood friend Marina Wheeler, who he would later go on to marry.
After six years of marriage in 1993, Allegra reportedly "generously agreed to divorce her husband", the Daily Mail wrote at the time.
Relations between the former couple have always been perfectly pleasant and Allegra has not once had a bad word to say about the PM, even telling the London Evening Standard in 2012: "He's a better ex than he was a husband".
Allegra's amazing Tatler cover. (Image: Supplied)

Then Boris married his current wife, Marina Wheeler

Boris and Marina's families have known each other for decades. (Image: Getty Images)
Just twelve days after he divorced Allegra in 1993, Johnson married Marina Wheeler, a successful barrister whom he has known for decades.
And just five weeks later, the couple's first child was born. They now have four children, Lara, Milo, Cassia and Theodore.
After 25 years of marriage, it was revealed last September that the couple had separated "several months ago" and intended to divorce.
"We decided it was in our best interests to separate," the couple said in a joint statement.
"We have subsequently agreed to divorce and that process is under way. As friends we will continue to support our four children in the years ahead. We will not be commenting further."
The couple's daughter Larsa, a 25-year-old fashion journalist, has reportedly called her own father "is a selfish bastard" and has insisted that her mother is "finished" with Johnson and will "never take him back".
The couple pictured towards the end of their marriage. (Image: Getty Images)

There are whispers Boris' third affair was the final straw

British journalist Petronella Wyatt pictured in 2007, three years after she ended her affair with Boris Johnson. (Image: Getty Images)
It has been widely reported that Johnson had three affairs while married to Marina.
The first was a four-year relationship with journalist Petronella Wyatt, from 2000 until 2004, when Johnson was her editor at The Spectator.
Petronella, known as "Petsy" to her friends, fell pregnant with Johnson's child and later had an abortion.
Petronella's mother later revealed to the press that Johnson had promised he was going to leave his wife and marry her.
"In the beginning, the reason she went out with him was because he said he was going to marry her. Otherwise, Petronella never went out with a married man," she told The Sunday Times.
What's worse, is that Johnson also had an affair with The Guardian journalist Anna Fazackerley at the same time he was dating Petronella.
Johnson had an affair with British journalist Anna Fazackerley. (Image: Twitter)
The scandal emerged in 2006 when Rupert Murdoch's controversial newspaper News of the World revealed the duo were seeing each other.
According to The Sun, "the pair were said to have had sex while he was a junior shadow education minister in 2005. On one occasion Boris got off a flight home from China to hook up with Ms Fazackerley in Paris."
And then in 2009, Boris had an affair with arts consultant Helen MacIntyre and fathered a secret lovechild, a daughter called Stephanie, with his mistress. There was a legal injunction sought to try to ban reporting of the child's existence, but the judge ruled that the public had the right to know about Johnson's "reckless" behaviour.
Marina is said to have thrown her husband out of the house several times over the years, but many believe fresh allegations of a new fling were the final straw for the respected barrister. It's unclear exactly who the reported fling was with.
Boris fathered a secret lovechild with arts consultant Helen MacIntyre. (Image: Getty Images)

Now Johnson has a new girlfriend, but he's still technically MARRIED!

Carrie Symonds is a British publicity queen who has been credited with transforming Boris' public image. (Image: Getty Images)
British PR whiz Carrie Symonds is Johnson's newest squeeze and is reportedly highly respected in parliamentary circles - she actually worked as a press officer for his London Mayer campaign, BackBoris2012 - and was named the UK's most powerful public relations professional by PR Week magazine.
She currently does PR for Bloomberg's Vibrant Oceans program.
It's unclear how long the pair have been dating for, but they definitely spent Valentine's Day together in February 2018.
While Johnson and his wife Marina Wheeler are still technically married, they have been long separated and do not live or socialise together anymore.
But just last month, police were called to the London apartment Johnson shares with his new girlfriend, when neighbours said they heard the couple shouting at each other, including slamming and banging, with reports Carrie could be heard telling her boyfriend "Get off me" and "Get out of my flat".
Neighbours said Carrie reprimanded Johnson after he reportedly spilled red wine on the couch and that they heard a loud smashing sound that sounded like plates.
"You just don't care for anything because you're spoilt. You have no care for money or anything," she reportedly said.
In a statement, police said they were called to a home just after midnight on a Friday night.
"Police attended and spoke to all occupants of the address, who were all safe and well," the statement said.
"There were no offences or concerns apparent to the officers and there was no cause for police action."
Following the argument, this happy photo below of the couple relaxing together in the countryside just happened to surface online.
Johnson's team were accused of leaking the positive photo in an attempt to downplay the violent domestic dispute.
The image of the couple released shortly after reports of their domestic row. Supplied
The couple usually keep a low profile and are rarely photographed together, but when Johnson was sworn in as British PM this week and officially moved into 10 Downing Street, Carrie was waiting outside in a gorgeous pink floral dress for the special occasion.
It's expected that she will soon move into the official PM's residence.
They will be the first non-married couple to live together at Downing Street.
Carrie is already proving herself to be a fashion force, with her beautiful $215 dress from British retailer Ghost selling out just hours after her official public appearance.
Safe to say, this is going to be one very interesting prime-ministership!
Carrie, pictured outside Downing Street, wore this pretty summer dress after her official public appearance...and it has already sold out! (Image: Getty Images)