Your first look at Married at First Sight 2018

Do we really have to wait until next year?

By Holly Royce
The Nine Network has given us our first look at Married at First Sight Australia 2018.
The popular reality television show sees romantics taking the ultimate leap of faith, by marrying a complete stranger.
The show then documents the couple's lives together, allowing viewers to watch as love either blooms or fizzles.
An initial glimpse of the trailer was teased on the Married at First sight Instagram and then broadcast during the Block Grand Finale on Sunday, showing the first batch of the 20 couples who will star on the show hoping to meet the love of their life.

The trailer (which you can view above) opens on a forlorn looking woman in a wedding dress, named Gabrielle, explaining she wants someone to share her life with.
"I really, really thought I would have a partner and have kids and a family. It's hard that I'm not there yet."
"I'm definitely lonely. I want to find someone to grow old with. I absolutely believe in love at first sight," explains soon-to-be ex-bachelor, Matt in his opening segment.
Nine has previously admitted the marriages that take place on the show aren't technically legal, but it's not the weddings that get over 1 million people watching each season, it's what comes after.
It's a phenomenon that can be likened to the types of people who watch a car race; there are some people who watch to root for a winner, and there are others who merely watch to see a crash.
The latter will no doubt find something to enjoy, after 4 seasons of Married at First Sight, there is only one couple Alex Garner and Zoe Hendrix who have stayed together.
Maybe the 5th season is the charm? Sadly, we'll have to wait until 2018 to find out.