Will Queen Elizabeth II be rocking out to this song at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding?

A BBC DJ said Her Majesty once revealed her favourite song during a dinner at Windsor Castle. And it’s SO on point.

By Lorna Gray
It will come as no surprise that we are absolutely obsessed with facts about Queen Elizabeth II. From what she eats for brekkie (special K, if you were wondering), to what she enjoys doing on the reg, we can't get enough of Her Majesty.
But we think this resurfaced story about Queen Elizabeth II's favourite music could be the best 'Queen fact' we've ever heard.
A friend of BBC DJ Chris Evans said he recounted a dinner he had with the Queen at Windsor Castle in 2008.
After dinner, the notoriously private monarch delighted her guests by dancing when a certain song came on.
Drumroll please…
The song she reportedly danced to was 'Dancing Queen' by ABBA.
Let that sink in for a moment: Queen Elizabeth II likes dancing to DANCING QUEEN.
She allegedly said: "I always try to dance when this song comes on, because I am the Queen, and I like to dance."
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We think this might even have topped the time we found out she owns a cushion with the words: "It's good to be Queen" emblazoned across it (that was pretty great too).
But the main question we have about this nugget of sheer joy is whether or not Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will play the disco classic to keep the Queen happy at their wedding reception?
Heck, they could just play the whole 'Mamma Mia' soundtrack while they're at it. We're sure Her Majesty's delighted there's a sequel in the works.
And remember this as a takeaway: Next time you're rocking out to 'Dancing Queen' on the dance floor, know you're in royally good company!