15 stunning celebrity brides who didn't wear white on their wedding days

These gorgeous ladies chose to throw tradition out the window!

By Rebecca Sullivan
For centuries, it's been tradition for brides to walk down the aisle wearing white.
The colour symbolised virginity and purity, two values most modern, feminist brides would say absolutely do not apply to them.
So for many women about to walk down the aisle, wearing white can feel like an oddly backward fashion choice.
There are plenty of brides who choose to shun tradition and pick a colourful dress for their big day, reflecting the more modern values of their relationship.
Sometimes, it's their second wedding, so white feels like an inappropriate choice. Other times, they just want their dress to represent their fun, vivacious personalities.
WATCH BELOW: The moment Meghan Markle sees her wedding dress for the first time after her wedding. Story continues after video.
So if you're a bride-to-be looking for some left-of-field inspiration, or simply want to gawk at some pretty dresses, keep scrolling for photos of 15 gorgeous celebrity brides who decided not to wear white on their wedding day.