Was this the most frugal wedding of all time?

One bride goes to extreme lengths to keep costs down.

By Amber Elias
Getting married is expensive business, and with the average cost of an Australian wedding reaching a whopping $65,482 (according to a 2016 survey by Bride to Be magazine) brides and grooms will do anything to save a few dollars.
However an outraged person using the handle ‘thebarefootcarrottop’ on Mums Net has described the extreme cost-saving techniques her bride-to-be friend went to for her wedding, which will leave you somewhat shocked and impressed.
Get ready to take notes.

The "friend" writes the to-be-wed couple didn’t have a large budget for their nuptials so instead of an expensive venue they hired a big house and “got the guests to all pitch in” for the festivities. The thrifty bridal couple asked guests to bring all their own drinks and food for the three-day event - including breakfast which wasn't supplied.
Each of the three days were themed and so guests were also asked to supply their own outfits for each of the days (seems reasonable).
However ‘thebarefootcarrottop’ wasn't so thrilled by the couples' money-savvy ways, especially when she was charged $250 per night for a room at the house. And even more so when she realised the bride and groom were not out of pocket at all, as they recuperated the cost of hiring the house by dividing the total fee amongst the number of guests. In other words, the couple stayed for free while guests paid $750 each. Ouch.
Even we have to admit it's slightly cheeky not to pay for your own room, for your own wedding.
On top of all this, guests were still asked to buy a wedding present off the list handed out by the bridal party. In total, ‘thebarefootcarrottop’ says she spent $1166 on the wedding.
“I just don't think it's OK to be this self-indulgent,” the post finishes.
However for the bride and groom, this might have been the smartest way to start their marriage debt-free.
So, was this a genius move to keep costs down? Or did the bride and groom take advantage of their friends' generosity?