Michelle Bridges and Steve ‘Commando’ Willis just secretly tied the knot

Or it at least they sure made it look that way…

By Erin Doyle
Michelle Bridges and Steve 'Commando' Willis have whipped fans into a frenzy with a social media post hinting that the fitness power couple have secretly tied the knot.
Taking to Instagram on Tuesday night, 49-year-old Michelle uploaded a photo of herself in what appeared to be a wedding dress, standing next to a suited-up Steve,43.
And the former Biggest Loser trainers weren't giving too much away in the caption, with Michelle cryptically captioning the shot: " Inevitable...❤️🙏🏼💋🙌🏼"
Many of Michelle's 286,000 followers posted congratulatory messages in the comments sections, with one fan asking directly: "Are you guys getting married? ❤"
Michelle captioned this photo, "Inevitable". Image: @mishbridges/ Instagram
The pair have never spoken publicly about an engagement but do share three-year-old son Axel as well as three older children (Brianna, Ella and Jack) from Steve's previous relationship.
However, Michelle later edited the caption of her post to clear up confusion, clarifying the photo was a flashback to the TV WEEK Logies in 2014 and not a glimpse of her and Commando's nuptials.
Last month, Michelle spoke candidly about her relationship with Steve and revealed how the pair keeps the spark alive in their long-term romance.
WATCH: Michelle Bridges and Commando talk self-care as parents. Story continues after video...
Michelle believes it's important for them as a couple to cut each other slack during often-stressful parenting moments.
"We pick up on each other's vibes on what's happening at any given moment so sometimes he'll just go and do a workout or I'll be like, 'You know what, go do your thing,'" Michelle says.
"I think in any relationship you have to be able to read each other and give the other person that space that they might need and if you're the one kind of giving them the space, you kind of know that eventually one way or another that it'll come back to you. So it's that swings and roundabouts scenario."
Michelle and Steve with their three-year-old son Axel. Image: Instagram
Meanwhile, Steve told Now To Love last week that he relishes quality moments with Michelle and his kids.
"I'm very mindful of doing as much as I possibly can with my family," he said.
Michelle and Steve went public with their relationship in 2013, after falling in love on weight loss reality show The Biggest Loser, where they both worked as trainers.
Michelle and Steve have been together since 2013. Image: Getty