Woman marries prince she met in a bar (and no, it's not Princess Mary)

First Mary and now Ariana, looks like fairy tales can come true.

Ariana Austin and Joel Makonnen were married on September 9th after meeting in a nightclub 12 years ago.

On it's own a lovely
but rather unremarkable story.

But here's the thing, Joel Makonnen is a prince and a member of the Ethiopian royal family. He is also known as Prince Yoel.

While it may have a similar fairy tale begging to our below Princess Mary's - it's different in the sense that Prince Yoel's family gave up rule of Ethiopia in the 1970s following a civil war.

The pair met in a nightclub in Washington, DC, called Pearl, and it took them over a decade to make it down the aisle. Not for lack of trying!

According to their wedding website, the pair always believed it "was written" that they would fall in love.

The same website also gives us a little insight into the busy lives of the two high achievers.

"Ariana grew up in Washington DC and studied English Literature at Fisk University and Arts, Education, and Creative Writing at Harvard. Formerly, she worked as a curator of arts experiences connected to cities—in DC, NYC, and Camden, NJ. Today, she works in philanthropy."

Which we must say is a fitting role for a princess.

Joel on the other hand in Rome and grew up in France and Switzerland while his family was in exile.

"He attended Skema Business School in France then continued his studies in the US, at American University and Howard Law School. He now works in the international legal affairs department of Otsuka, a Japanese company."

With all that on their plate, we're surprised the two had time for a wedding at all.

This is certainly One couple we'll be keeping our eye on.