This bride had 34 bridesmaids at her wedding - and wishes she had 50!

And yes, they all had to pay for their own dresses!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Anyone who's been a bridesmaid knows it's not always the most glamorous or fun gig out there, but spare a thought for the 34 women - yes, you read that right - who served as bridesmaids at their girlfriend's very extravagant nuptials recently.
American bride Casme Carter tied the knot earlier this month in a glamorous Florida beach wedding.
Casme asked her six sisters and 28 friends to be by her side on her big day, but the bride revealed that she actually wanted to have 50 bridesmaids.
Unfortunately, 16 of those friends couldn't make the wedding due to personal commitments.
For those of us wondering how on earth Casme has 50 close girlfriends she could call on for such a big role, she says she had lots of friends from mentoring and participating in women's empowerment groups.
"I wanted them all to experience the love that they've seen that I've been praying for and wanting. I wanted them to witness it first hand," Mrs Carter told CNN.

There's another catch - turns out none of these women knew they would be involved in such a big spectacle, right up until the actual wedding day!
Mrs Carter says she broke up her friends into smaller groups and briefed them on the basic details, but didn't explain they would be part of the larger 34-strong cohort.
And yes, it seems these women had to pay for their own outfits, with Mrs Carter telling her friends to purchase a neutral beach dress and bring along some swimwear for the trip.
The bride says all her girlfriends were over-the-moon with her surprise.
"When they saw everybody they were like, 'Oh my God, Casme. This is so awesome!'" she revealed.

Mrs Carter, who got married to her man just three months after getting engaged, says her husband thought she was joking when she first suggested having 34 bridesmaids.
"He thought I was joking but then he was like, 'If anybody can do it.' He knows how I am and how many women are around me," Mrs Carter said.
And her now-husband said he couldn't expect her to come up with 34 male friends as well.
"You don't expect me to have that many groomsmen," she revealed he said.
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According to CNN, the bride had curated a Pinterest wedding board years before she even met her husband, so she knew exactly what she wanted for her big day by the time he proposed.
"Everything about this wedding was different," Mrs Carter said.
"It was so amazing to have them all right beside me," she said of her bridesmaids.