Does this clue mean that Georgia Love knew that Lee Elliott was about to propose?

Something tells us it didn't catch her off guard.

By Alex Lilly
We were jumping for joy when Georgia Love and Lee Elliott announced their engagement in early September, but was the proposal as spontaneous as we were made to believe?
The former Bachelorette star posted a photo of that sparkling ring on her finger on Instagram, but fans suspect she knew Lee was about to pop the question, after they noticed a key detail.
Georgia uploaded a photo of her left hand modelling her diamond ring, and whilst the bling is stunning, her perfectly manicured pink nails with love hearts on the ring finger were equally gorgeous.
"Can't. Stop. Staring 😍💍 #feyonce," the journalist captioned her post, tagging nail artist Nails by Kirsten. And with a manicure that perfect, her followers couldn't help but point out the connection.
"Unreal! Not sure if I'm more impressed by the bling or your perfectly timed manicure for the occasion," one commented.
"Gotta ask. Which came first, the mani or the proposal. Or was it the worlds most effective hint 😍?" another penned.
Some just chose to come right out and say it with one follower declaring, "This is the best proposal manicure I have ever seen."
Coincidence or not, that is one gorgeous photo!
Georgia's manicure is proposal perfection! (Image: Instagram @georgiealove)
It's safe to say that Georgia is head over heels for her husband-to-be.
The 31 year-old bride-to-be shared a selection of snaps to her Instagram stories, the first of which showed Lee candidly taking in the view with the caption "My fiancé," followed by the heart eyes emoji.
Lee and Georgia both shared a sweet boomerang video of themselves taking a selfie with the ring on full display and Lee also shared one more couple shot, captioning it "My fiancé," with the same emoji and tagging his future wife.
Safe to say Georgia is one smitten kitten. (Image: Instagram @georgiealove)
Could these two be more in love? (Image: Instagram @leeroyelliott)
Fans had been waiting for this engagement announcement for years, with Lee fuelling rumours after liking Instagram comments asking when he was going to pop the question.
Back in July, Lee Elliott told Now To Love he was genuinely flattered that so many people have taken such an interest in their romance, but he would take his time to pop the question.
"We are happy," the groom-to-be said at the time. "And so much of our relationship happened so quickly and I want to do this right, and I want to do it properly, and I will. But I'll do it in 'our' time."
Georgia and Lee dated for three years before announcing their engagement. (Image: Instagram @georgiealove)
Just a week before Lee proposed to Georgia, the couple celebrated their three year anniversary with some sentimental social media posts.
Former Bachelorette Georgia shared a still from the show of Lee lifting Georgia Dirty Dancing style with a quote from Lee during filming overlaying it that reads, "I love that smile, I love those eyes, I love that laugh," which Georgia herself captioned, "And I love you right back, @leeroyelliott. Then, now and always 🌹❤️ Happy 3 years! #alltherosesforyou #ivehadthetimeofmylife #andioweitalltoyou."
Meanwhile Lee shared his own shot from the season finale filmed in Singapore taken shortly after they had declared their love for one another.
"Loved you then, love you still, Always have, always will. Happy 3rd anniversary gorgeous @georgiealove 😘#thedayyoustoppeddatingmymates," he cheekily captioned it.
Watch Georgia Love and Lee Elliott's love story in the player below.