Is this the most expensive hens' night of all time?

Or are the bridesmaids just being tight?

By Amber Elias
Weddings and everything that comes with the big day can be expensive. Costs just keep adding up and budgets can go right out the window.
But one Maid of Honour, Mumsnet user ComingUpTrumps, might just take the cake for being excessive when it comes to added wedding expenses, or perhaps her fellow bridesmaids are just being stingy. She organised an all-expenses hens' weekend which included two nights' accommodation, the cost totalling about $500 per person. This price also covered the bride's share, which was split equally between bridesmaids.
However the Maid of Honour was having trouble securing the funds from the other bridesmaids, and so took to the online forum Mumsnet to vent about the problem and get advice on how she could get the bridal party to cough up the cash.
"I sent them an initial email with a payment request on Friday afternoon. A few got back to me saying they'd pay me on the weekend, but I haven't yet received payment from them," she began. "I sent out another follow-up payment request email this morning [Monday]. In total, I've only been paid by one person."
ComingUpTrumps noted that without payment the whole weekend was at risk of cancellation as some of the activities required deposits. She then asked the forum for their help by posing these three questions:
"a) Am I being unreasonable to ask people to pay this?
b) How do I get people to pay?
c) Can I pull off organising the hen do?"
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