EXCLUSIVE: The thrifty Aussie bride who bought her wedding dress for $100

Can you believe?

By Rebecca Sullivan
The average Australian woman spends $5,260 on her wedding dress, according to Wedded Wonderland, but Sydney bride Tenille Taylor bucked the trend with her own nuptials just a few months ago, when she walked down the aisle in a $100 white wedding dress.
The 24-year-old was op-shopping with friends one weekend when she stumbled upon the dress of her dreams.
"We said 'Let's go and search for some funky things at all of the local op shops', so we were going through all of the clothes and my friend saw that they had a wedding dress section," Tenille told Now To Love.
"We were going through them and at first I didn't see any that were my size, but then my friend found a dress and said 'This is actually really beautiful'," she explained.
And as luck would have it, the dress fit perfectly.
Tenille in her local op shop trying on her $100 wedding dress. (Image: Supplied)
The dress features delicate beading on the bodice. (Image: Supplied)
The bodice is see-through but has built-in bra cups. (Image: Supplied)
As soon as she tried the dress on, Tenille knew it was the one.
"I said 'This is exactly what I wanted'. I tried it on and everyone in the store stopped and everyone said 'You look so beautiful'," she said.
"I was really emotional and I realised this was the dress that I want."
The dress was originally priced at $200, but the Lifeline op shop in Narellan had a half price sale on that day, so the dress only cost Tenille $100.
The straps required alteration and costs $40, bringing the total to $140.
Tenille (centre, in white) on her wedding day. (Image: Supplied)
The couple getting loose on their big day. (Image: Supplied)
The happy couple tearing up the dance floor. (Image: Supplied)
Tenille and her husband on their special day. (Image: Supplied)
Tenille got married to her husband in Thailand in front of all of her family and friends, including their 15 groomsmen, bridesmaids, page boys and flower girls.
The bride says her guests were shocked to find out her dress was so cheap.
"The whole wedding was like 'I can't believe that's $100!' because it was just crazy," she said.
"It was amazing. Everyone was complimenting me all day. Everyone was like 'It's so beautiful'," she said.
"It fit me so well and the detail was just amazing."
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According to Wedded Wonderland, the average Australian spends $53,168 on their wedding now, an increase of almost 10 per cent from $48,624 in 2017.
Spend on wedding dresses has also jumped a whopping 30 per cent since 2017, when the average bride spent around $4000.