Bachelor in Paradise's American Jared Haibon is engaged, just months after his reality TV heartbreak

Guess we won't be seeing him on Ali's season of The Bachelorette.

By Alex Lilly
Move over Tara and Sam, we have a new Mr and Mrs Bachelor in Paradise!
He may not have found love on the Australian version of the show, but PEOPLE have reported that Jared Haibon (also known as American Jared) has popped the question to Ashley Iaconetti in Mexico for the fifth series of the American Bachelor in Paradise.
Though the show hasn't aired in the US yet, neither of the two have confirmed their engagement, but you can still check out their very loved-up snaps on Instagram for now.

Jared and Ashley met in 2015 on the set of the second season of the American Bachelor in Paradise. Though nothing romantic happened between the two, they remained friends after the series finished up. They then went their separate ways and he jetted off to Fiji for the Australian Bachelor in Paradise.
But by that point, American Jared was a smitten kitten and wanted to be with Ashley.
"I remember I was on a date with a girl in Paradise… and I was just sitting there and thinking, 'God, I wish Ashley were here. I just wanna hang out with Ashley."
Wonder who that could have been. Rachael? Laurina?

But by the time he returned to the States, Ashley was already in a relationship with her Bachelor Winter Games boyfriend Kevin Wendt and that's when he decided to win his girl back.
"I was sad. Sometimes I need a kick in the ass. That was a big kick in the ass."
And in a plot twist like something out of a rom-com, when Ashley re-watched the footage of Bachelor Winter Games, she realised that she and Jared were meant to be. And after just a month of dating, Ashley and Jared are engaged.
We doubt he'll be back on Aussie TV screens anytime soon then.