Avocado proposals are now a trend and we're not sure how to feel about it

An avocado too far?

By The Debrief team
It is being reported that people are now cutting avocados in half and putting an engagement ring in the middle before closing it again so they can propose to their partner.
While this may be some poor millennial's dream, the idea of someone getting down on one knee and presenting us with a ring smushed into the core isn't exactly the most appealing.
The Instagram account Food Deco posted a photo of this trend just before Valentine's day asking followers to "Tag someone who should propose like this". And with over 2,000 comments it seems people really would be into a proposal like this.

Thankfully the trend hasn't become widespread, and it definitely under no circumstances should become a full-on trend.
It's always so hard to get the timing right with an avocado, and with proposing with one you would want it to be perfectly ripe and green. Unfortunately, the man below left it too long to propose and his avocado started to go brown.

Real talk: your partner might love avocados but are they in love with avocados – enough to plan such a monumental moment in their life around them? Guessing the answer is no, unless you have some weird backstory of where you met that involves avocados (then go for it).
This trend is, fingers crossed, not one that is here to stay.
But, while the idea of being proposed to with an avocado is probably a step too far in this millennial age, at least there would be a snack afterwards if you said yes.
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