Festive images of the ADORABLE 6-month-old Driskell Quintuplets is what Christmas is really about

It hasn't all been candy canes, fairy lights and tinsel bows for this young family.

Briana and Jordan Driskell have given us all an early Christmas miracle, their six-month-old, heart-meltingly adorable, quintuplets dressed in their holiday best and it’s enough to remind even the Scroogiest among us of what Christmas is really all about.

But it hasn’t all been candy canes, fairy lights and tinsel bows for this young family.

For two exhausting, defeating and emotional years the Driskell’s tried to get pregnant without success. After four round of unsuccessful fertility treatments and a five-month rest before they included hormone injections into their routine.

After trying for three more months the couple caught a break; they were finally pregnant! There were more shocks to come as Briana found she was carrying not one, but five babies.

While they were happy beyond belief with the news they were not exactly prepared financially for the quintuplets – though is anyone ever really prepared for four surprise babies?

The Driskell Quintuplets

The quintuplets were born as micro preemies at just 28 weeks but are currently all healthy and well.

The families friend, Sara Dohoney, shared the families story on the Driskell Quints GoFundMe page in a bid to help raise $25,000 for the family and the numerous expenses that go alongside raising five babies – the mind boggles.

“As a father of 2 sets of twins, I can’t imagine the daily challenges y’all go through. I can tell that you must be amazing parents and people. Continued Strength and Blessing! All the best and a Happy Holidays,” one person commented.

Briana and Jordan Driskell with their five babies.

Kind friends and strangers have now donated a total of $3,507 though there is still a long way to go until the fundraiser reaches its goal.

We hope the Driskell’s manage to reach their goal and have no doubt that they will have a beautiful first Christmas together.


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