We want to join Sophie Monk in Thailand

She may have fled the country but boy is she doing it in style!
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Sophie Monk, the 2017 Bachelorette and Australia’s new sweetheart fled the country last week, worried that she may give away the winner of the Bachelorette before it airs.

That is a true commitment to the cause (of drama and suspense, obviously), but it’s not exactly a hard slog considering Sophie Monk has fled the country to lay low in Thailand.

With Sophie on her (not so) incognito holiday is best friend Oscar Gordon.

As you can see from the video Sophie posted, captioned, “Thanks for letting me wear this all day @oscargordon. Looking like a loser for a change”, the pair are having a great time. After all, what are best friends for if not to laugh at you when you look like a dag.

We love you, Soph.

The star has also been soaking up some rays and making the most of her luxurious setting, hitting the pool in true ‘Sophie’ style.

This cheeky little video (below) is captioned, “When your bestie @oscargordon dares you to dive into the pool with your clothes on!”

Can we be best friends with you guys? Please?

There’s also been plenty of Instagram stories of the pair having the time of their lives, splashing in the pool and sipping champagne.

There had been speculation that Soph would be going to Mexico, but the 37-year-old changed tact at the last minute and seems pretty pleased with her new choice.

In fact, the TV beauty has already made some new friends.

Taking to Instagram, she penned, “Coolest place ever,” alongside a video of herself dressed in a bathrobe, dancing with the hotel staff.

The talented singer admitted to Nova’s 100’s Chrissie, Sam and Browny, she needed to escape, otherwise she’d let slip who takes out the show.

“I break all the rules. I can’t do rules.”

“I will definitely try to see him and mess it all up for everyone. So I have to remove myself.”

Adding, “I know I’ve got no will power, and so that I don’t weaken, I’m going overseas.”

Check Sophie dance it out in the video below!

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