Woman told to go on a diet after leaving negative hotel review

They asked for a review, and when you give it to them, this is what you get.

Many people depend on online traveller reviewswhen booking a holiday, so when a UK woman left a review of 3.8 out of 10 on website, it was always going to ruffle a few feathers.

But things were taken to the next level when staff from the hotel responded by contacting the woman, making personal attacks and telling the woman, “you should be put on a diet.”

This is allegedly what happened to Emily Doyle and Michael Doyle when visited Nelcon Hotel in Blackpool, UK, to celebrate their second wedding anniversary.

The hotel Emily and her husband stayed in. Credit:

Emily left a review on which stated the property was in bad condition, had a horrendous smell and there decor was deteriorating.

“The property itself is in a bad condition the room wasn’t too bad but very run down and more of an effort could be made to the rooms considering they ask for money,” Emil said.

“The smell is horrendous when you walk in and it lingered in my clothes and belongings as my aunt could smell it upon returning home and was complaining.”

She then went on to detail specifics, such as grimy showers and filthy black windows.

An image of the review from

Very soon after posting the review, Emily tells media she was horrified to find a text message from hotel staff attacking her, including comments about her weight.

The message suggested that she should be “put on a diet” and that she “must hate everything and everyone.”

“My weight has nothing to do with this at all, the staff made no effort to help and we were worried if we cancelled we would lose our £40 booking fee,” Emily said.

“I definitely wouldn’t be recommending to anyone else.

“They asked for a review, and when you give it to them, this is what you get.”

We have reached out to for comment.

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