5 self-care lessons we can all learn from Meghan Markle’s Instagram

The soon to be Princess has some pretty important life lessons to bestow on us.
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Before she was engaged to a Prince, Meghan Markle was not only a successful actress AND UN ambassador; she was also the founder of successful lifestyle brand The Tig, which could have really given Goop a run for its money if it had more of a chance.

The Suits actress curated The Tig to focus on the love of travel, food, fashion and beauty.

In April 2017, after three years and with a growing community around the brand, Meghan closed The Tig. Her relationship with Prince Harry was becoming more serious and she had to become more careful about what she shared online. April was also the last time Meghan posted on her personal Instagram account, sharing a collage and a loving farewell to The Tig community.

While she may have shut down the website The Tig social media accounts live on.

The site was a treasure trove of tips to live your best life, and here are five we learnt from Meghan Markle and The Tig’s Instagram account.

Lesson one: never skip breakfast

The Tig Instagram is awash with glorious breakfast ideas and now we know Meghan’s an avocado girl we may like her just that little bit more.

Lesson 2: buy yourself flowers whenever possible

“Just because the holiday may be over doesn’t mean you should stop treating yourself to some flower love,” she says on just one of The Tig’s masses of beautiful flower photos.

Or you know, pick yourself some Lavender from your neighbor’s front yard, that’s probably a little more realistic for us common folk.

Lesson three: bring play into your day

“Have a playful day, darling,” Meghan is quoted in the caption alongside of her goofy image.

We recommend being playful without the Raspberries because those things are not cheap in Australia right now.

Lesson four: travel as much as possible

As a UN ambassador, Meghan has a lot of travelling under her belt.

A large focus of The Tig was on seeing the world and learning about other cultures, with many of the insightful travel guides written by Meghan herself.

While we never got a chance to see them ourselves, we imagine they’d read a little like Holly Golightly with a travel blog.

Lesson five: don’t shy away from feminism

Meghan has been underrecognized for her work empowering women and children around the world.

Many of The Tig’s posts and posts from her personal Instagram account show Meghan encouraging women to use their voice to challenge prejudiced norms.

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