Zoo welcomes adorable baby sloth and we can't stop staring

World, meet Vivien.

By Woman's World
We have great news! The National Aviary indoor zoo in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has added a brand new member to its family — a two-toed baby sloth named Vivien.
Measuring at just 14 and a half inches long and weighing almost three pounds, little Vivien made her debut appearance in the arms of her caretakers, wrapped up in a cozy-looking pink and fuzzy blanket.
"She is curious, bright and alert," Pilar Fish, DVM, the National Aviary's director of veterinary medicine, told the *Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "Her lungs sound good. She has a low heart rate — 40 to 45 beats per minute — and that's normal for sloths."
Since her arrival, Vivien — named after the Gone With the Wind actress Vivien Leigh — has been stealing the hearts of zoo workers and social media followers alike.
Soon you'll be able to visit her, too! Zoo visitors will be able to see Vivien beginning Thursday, February 1, during an interactive, 30-minute private encounter during which they can touch the sloth and take photos.
Two other sloths — Valentino and Wookiee — also live at the National Aviary, making Vivien their third musketeer.
"We are delighted to welcome another sloth," Cheryl Tracy, executive director of the National Aviary, said in a press release. "Like Valentino, this precious little girl sloth will be an ambassador for her species, and for all those creatures that live in the rain forests and cloud forests of Central and South America. And we hope that one day, several years down the road, Vivien and Valentino will become parents to new sloths born at the National Aviary."
Aside from sloths, National Aviary has a variety of other animals, including a pair of armadillos named Willie and Wonka.
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