You won't believe this neglected dog's transformation

It's hard to believe it's even the same pup!

A midnight grooming emergency isn't a phrase you here very often, but that's precisely what happened to help this very good doggo.

The dog, which the grooming salon would later name Lucky, was found roaming the streets late at night, saved from being hit by a car and rushed to BGEgrooming in Oviedo, Florida.

Staff report the dog's fur was matted together beyond belief, it was soaked, infested with fleas, and his fur was full of yeast infection. Unspuriginly, staff said the smell was "horrendous".

The poor dog couldn't even walk and was obviously in pain.

The BGE grooming team said Lucky wasn't scared when they brought him in, "he was absolutely perfect. He was so sweet and affectionate."

Lucky when he was first found

Before and after!

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The fur removed from Lucky

Lucky in Halloween garb
Lucky in Halloween garb

It's hard to believe that's even the same dog!

"It took two hours just to safely shave his painful mats off, two flea baths because he was so severely infested, two soothing hypoallergenic baths, and lots of love and care!" The salon explains on social media.

Lucky is now in much better health and is currently in foster care with person who found him, until his forever home can be decided on.

We can only imagine how much better this little boy must be feeling about now. What a fighter.

The salon owner has also confirmed that she does not regret responding to the midnight call one bit and would do it again in heartbeat.