The surprising things your cat's star sign can reveal about its personality

Did they get your cat's purr-sonality right?

By Holly Royce and Yours Staff
You might check the back of every issue of magazines for your horoscope, but did you know that many astrologers also believe that animals have star signs too?
Leslie Jenkins, author of Astral Cats, certainly does - and here's what he can tell you about your cat's purr-sonality, based on when it was born.
The Aries cat says: I am fearless and a true warrior. I am athletic, I love the outdoors, watch me climb to the top of the tree and you're never going to catch me. I am protective, outgoing, fun loving and always ready for action. I like to run and be free.
The Gemini cat says: I am a chatterbox, so when I miaow please do not ignore me. I am a natural teacher, and I will teach my baby kittens to play to be clean and to be imaginative. I like it when you read me stories and I love your voice, for communication is so important to me.
The Scorpio cat says: I am secretive, cunning and enjoy hiding in cupboards and wardrobes or under beds and you will never find me. I am like a detective looking for clues. You will never fool me and I will pounce when you least expect it if you cross me. I will get even always.
And did you know that a Taurean cat's gem stone is an emerald – so look out when you see it gazing at your jewellery. They also love flowers, especially roses.
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If you have a Libran cat do treat it with respect for this is a real aristocrat. Her gemstone is jade, and you will notice she is fascinated by beautiful ornaments and adores perfume.
If you have a cat born under the sign of Capricorn, it will represent independence, ambition, control and discipline. If you should see your cat looking at your accounts, private documents or letters then you almost certainly have a Capricorn cat.
Taylor Swift with one of her pet cats. Image: Instagram
The book also describes the best type of cat for the owner's sun sign – which is particularly useful if you do not know when your cat was born. This can happen for example with rescued cats.
A Leo owner would probably get on well with a protective cat who will guard you forever, and is brave like a lion. Be prepared though, in case fur flies sometimes!
Owners born under the sign of Cancer are often home lovers so need a cat who is not interested in straying, is happy to be with you and your family and will meditate while looking at the water... in winter this cat will love sit on your lap by the fire, happy to be reassured and stroked.
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