WATCH: hero dog jumps into water to save her drowning puppy

You'll literally be on the edge of your seat watching this puppy fight for survival.

By Holly Royce
When her tiny puppy fell into a hole, this Mumma wolf (well, German Shepherd if we're being accurate) risks her own life to save the teeny newborn.
The puppy is presumed to have been out walking with its Mum and owner when it fell into a deep hole that all had thought to be a just a puddle.
In lightning fast speed that only a mother could muster, the dog is seen lurching into the hole for her baby, fully submerging her head in the filthy water.
While the mum is plunging into the hole to rescue her pup, a man can be seen frantically shovelling water in an attempt to help with the rescue.
But it turns out this brave mumma needed no help, after fully submerging her body into the puddle she emerges with her puppy in her mouth.
Image of the puddle/hole
But the fight isn't over just yet.
The next part of the clip shows the man performing emergency CPR on the tiny pupper.
It seems like an eternity as the man gently pushes on the puppies little chest.
Thankfully the story has a happy ending, showing the hero doggo being reunited with her puppy, placed alongside her brothers and sisters.
We truly do not deserve dogs, with all their greatness and purity.
Forget Lassi; this dog is our new hero.
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