This brown snake knocking at a families door is the stuff nightmares are made of

Snake season is knocking.

By Holly Royce
Imagine this: you're just about to rush out the door, kids in tow, everyone is running late, and then you're stopped short by a banging on the front door.
Perhaps it's a confused bird or a stray cat, or, if you're anything like this Newcastle family, it could be a huge brown snake knocking on your door.
It's a story so terrifying that it's hard to believe it's real, but this massive eastern-brown snake managed to keep a Stockton family confined to their home this week.
Anita Johnson and her two sons, aged 1 and 5 respectively, we're shocked at the presence of the snake at their front door.
"It was banging its head on the door," she told the Newcastle Herald. "It was striking at the door."
"But it wasn't the magpie, it was the snake."
"I am not worried, it can't get in, but it was aggressive," she finished.
No one was harmed, and the snake ultimately moved on.

Eastern brown snake

The eastern brown snake, or brown snake, is considered the world's second most venomous land snake.
These snakes are highly territorial which is problematic because they seem to enjoy taking up residence in populated areas in mainland Australia, where they can access to rats and other rodents.
One thing to know about the Eastern brown snake is that their initial bite is generally painless which can cause some to be complacent about getting rapid medical attention – if you are envenomed by a brown snake it will prove fatal if anti-venom is not administered.
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