Samantha Armytage celebrates puppy Banjo's first birthday

And Banjo is pretty keen to get the party started!

By Holly Royce
Australia is used to waking up with Samantha Armytage as a co-host on breakfast show, Sunrise, and Samantha Armytage is use to waking up with 1-year-old Labrador pup, Banjo.
Sam has been a doting doggy-mum since December 2016, and today Banjo turned one
Of course the pair celebrated in style, with B-Diddy (as Banjo is affectionately known) wearing a party hat and snacking on a birthday doggie treat.
Check out the full clip of the dynamic duo above.

Sam has explained previously that she does not have time for men in the industry.
The Sunrise host said she needs someone who understands her country roots.
“Recently it has sort of dawned on me I am really looking for someone who is into nature and country, going right back to where I came from,” Sam told The Daily Telegraph.
“I’ve realised at this point that I need someone away from this industry.
“It has to be someone that is very genuine and not into my career at all and who appreciates nature and horses and rural things.”
He may not be that exact man, but Banjo sounds like he would come pretty close.
Sam documents her and Banjo's adventures on her Instagram account, so we can all live vicariously through their mutual puppy love.
Happy Birthday, Banjo!

Check out Banjo when he was a puppy below!