Meet Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek's surprise new addition to their family!

Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek have taken their relationship to the next level by expanding their family and adopting an adorable puppy.

By Chloe Lal
The radio star revealed the exciting news to her 2DayFm co-star Rove McManus during their show on Thursday morning.
“We now own a puppy. It’s a maltese cross shih tzu called Rocky Mielczarek!,” she said.
The Bachelorette beauty admitted that she couldn't resist filming the moment she introduced the pair.
“So I surprised my beautiful boyfriend with a present. And in true radio style I recorded it,” the 26-year-old began, before playing it back to the listeners.
“Hey babe, I’ve got a present for you,” Sam explained to Sasha, presenting him with a big wrapped up box, sitting on their living room table.
Jumping the gun, the adorable baby pup barks, revealing Sam’s romantic gesture.
“Aww you’re so cute. I love it. He’s gonna sleep with us tonight, he’s so cute,” Sasha gushed as he cuddled the cute dog.
Meet Sam Frost and Sasha's new bundle of joy, Rocky Mielczarek.
Taking to Instagram, he introduced the world to his bundle of joy. “I can't believe it...I got home from work last night and this little fella was waiting for me.”
Before adding, “Thank you to my beautiful girlfriend @fro01. Introducing the newest member of the family...Rocky!”
Sam also shared a snap of their new pup, captioning it, “Hello little Rocky Mielczarek!! I surprised my beautiful boyfriend @sash1313 with this tiny ball of fluffy love.”
Speaking of their new family member, Sam revealed to Rove that she had her concerns.
“I wasn’t sure how Sasha would react so gave it his surname. Sash originally wanted a staffy (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) so this is a compromise.”
Look of love: The former Bachie duo couldn't be happier with their expanding family!
But it seems like the construction worker couldn’t be happier, with the radio pair calling him up for his reaction.
“He’s right here with me, it’s amazing. Already responding well to potty training,” the proud dog owner quipped.
Without Osher there to point out the obvious, Rove quickly stepped up to the plate, saying, “This is a big commitment. It’s a big step in your relationship, you have joint custody of a little one!”
But it looks like that’s a commitment Sam wants to be a part of. “At the time and even just listening back to this, I was like 'I love my boyfriend so much!'”
Watch Sasha's delightful reaction to the new pup in the video player above

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