Research shows that puppies have stroppy teenage phase too

Pups seem to be more like us than we think…

By Latifah Davis-Cole
We all remember our moody teenage phases, don’t we? I remember I would go to sleep happy – possibly in the greatest mood ever. But, would then wake up in the worst mood ever! May I add, for no particular reason.
I would wake up for secondary schools, drags my heels to the bathroom and was ready to snap at anybody who said ‘Good morning,’ to me. Basically, I’ll admit, I was a b-tch during my moody teenage phase.
If you own a puppy or perhaps just love dogs, then you most definitely know how easily distracted, stroppy and difficult they can be – just like humans! You’ve probably had moments with your pup, where you’ve thought to yourself – "We were just playing. Why are you so grumpy all of a sudden?"
Well, a discovery by Nottingham Trent University has found that puppies have stroppy teenage phases too! Research has how that they hit the stroppy teen phase at around 8 months.
You wouldn't have a strop, would ya, little guy?
The aim of the research was to spot dogs who would be suitable for training as guide dogs. But, they found out much more than they intended to as hundreds of the dog owners whose dogs were analysed for research, reported ‘adolescent’ behaviour at 8 months.
Naomi Harvey, a research associate at the University of Nottingham’s veterinary school, told the Times:
“Many owners will tell you their dog went through a ‘teenage’ phase, typically around eight months.
“Most owners report that previously learnt commands are forgotten, their dogs become very impulsive and easily distracted and their behaviour becomes a bit erratic.”
Scientists concluded that a dogs behaviour as an adult was more dependent on how it was treated as a puppy rather than it is breed or DNA.
However, Naomi reassuringly adds that:
“The thing to remember is it won’t last for ever.”
This story originally appeared on The Debrief