Olly the Jack Russell goes rogue during an agility competition and the internet can't get enough

Points for enthusiasm.

By Amber Manto
Just when you think the internet couldn't possibly deliver more than one hilarious viral sensation in a week, along comes Olly the Jack Russell.
The enthusiastic, although slightly under-qualified, 10-week-old terrier was competing in the UK's annual dog agility competition, Crufts, only he wasn't too concerned about playing by the rules. He raced the course at full speed, going the wrong way, stopping to say hello to the crowd and generally taking a tumble on pretty much everything. Not even handler Karen could slow him down.
This dog was on fire.
“Olly’s totally crazy, as you can see he’s having a ball,” the commentator laughed.
^ When you're just too keen for life.
Not even this epic face-plant (which we personally could watch on repeat it's that mesmerising) rattled him. He simply jumped back up and kept on running. I think we could all learn a little something from Olly.
The announcer pretty much summed it up though: "What a nosedive! And he couldn't care less."
Damn straight.
^ Not that way little man.
But perhaps his most impressive move was this one over the pyramid obstacle, where he got such a run-up he appeared to get air.
Spoiler: while Olly didn't win the race, he certainly won the hearts of everyone the world over and we're certain this little rescue pup won't have any trouble finding his fur-ever home after this.
Let's chalk this hilarious video up as just another reason why we love dogs.