A man was rejected by a woman selling her cats purely because he was gay

But the story gets even weirder than that.

By Kate Wagner
Alex Andreou is a writer, actor, singer and cook. He also happens to be gay and for that reason, a woman on Gumtree refused to sell her cats to him.
Despite having a large home and being a seasoned cat-dad, after travelling for two hours to pick up some cats in desperate need of a home, Alex was rejected when the current owner discovered he was gay.
The story didn’t end there, however, and one of Alex’s friends who lived in the same neighbourhood as the original owner offered to collect the cats on his behalf.
But then the friend was also rejected.
This update saw Alex start to question if the cats were even real.
So he decided to do a reverse image search, and discovered that the cats were just from Google and the whole affair seemed to be some kind of strange power trip.
For the entirety of the story, people on Twitter accused Alex of making the whole thing up or blamed him for being gay in the first place.
After the long emotional rollercoaster, some good finally came of the whole ordeal.
Alex was given some kittens from a rescue litter which he very aptly named George Meowchael-Andreou and Freddie Purrcury-Andreou.
Even though the discrimination didn't end up being true, the fact someone went out of their way to maliciously attack someone for the sexual preference as a guise for not letting them adopt imaginary cats is perhaps even more cruel.
However, all’s well that ends well, and Alex says it best of all:
If anyone else has cats that need adopting, we’re right here.

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